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To enrich the campus life of teachers and students and promote cross-cultural exchanges and sharing, the School of Government, University of International Business and Economics successfully held the first high-end culture forum for international students on March 24, 2023 at 16:30 PM. Prof. Zhan Jicheng, College of Food Science and Nutrition Engineering, China Agricultural University was invited to lecture onwine history,wine appreciation techniques and manners. The forum was hosted by Zou Weikang, DeanAssistant of School of Government. Yu Haichun, Dean of School of Government, and Liu Jie, Party Secretary of School of Government, attended this forum.

(event preparation)

(the dean is introducing Chinese "wine Culture")

At the beginning, Yu Haichun, the dean of the School of Government, delivered an opening speech. First, he welcomed all the participants and thanked Prof. Zhan for his efforts on this forum. He stressed that China has a long history of wine-making and, wine appreciation and wine culture has always been a significant part of Chinese culture. He hoped that by the end this forum, each international student can have a better understanding of Chinese wines, gained their own taste of Chinese culture and finally, better understood China.

(Professor Zhan is introducing the Chinese red wine)

Later, Professor Zhan brought a vivid speech about wine history. He introduced the earliest wine making regions, elaborated various wine types and showed two videos on how to make good wine.He pointed out that Chinese wine-making using grapes as a recipe could be dated to 7000 BCE. As an important producer of wines in the New World, China has seen a rapid development of its domestic wine industry over the years. Prof. Zhan told the students that most of Chinese wineries are located in Shandong, Ningxia and Xinjiang and Chinese wines have won many awards internationally and gained wide popularity in the world.What’s more, Prof. Zhan mentioned that different wines have different drinking temperature and ask for different storage conditions.He brought five principles on how to acquire the best experience of wine-tasting, which are white before red, dry before sweet, light before strong, young vintages before old and, fortified wines last.

(International students tasting wine)


(The major wine regions in China)

After having an inclusiveknowledge of wine culture, students finally have the chance to experience the six Chinese wines brought by Prof. Zhan, bringing the forum to its climax.Prof. Zhan introduced the step-by-step wine tasting method for the six top Chinese wines. Students first experienced the dry white wine and rosé wine and, through pair-tasting work, students had the best experience in sensing the flavors and aromas of different wines, and feeling the unique qualities of each wine.

(International students taking a photo with Professor Zhan Jicheng)

This culture forum provided an immersive experience for participants to feel the beauty of Chinese wines and Chinese culture. This journey will encourage international students to further learn China theoretically and physically. More high-end culture forums will be held in the coming months to ensure the best study and life experience in UIBE, and in China.