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NASPAA’s Visit to UIBE for Reviewing MPA program Come to a Successful Close

In order to further improve the teaching quality of MPA, uphold the international characteristics of the University of International Business and Economic and serve the development of the open economy of our country, the School of Public Administration has vigorously promoted construction of international projects, established a forward-looking strategic plans in 2015, and launched the NASPAA international certification of the MPA program in the same year. After four-years efforts, the program certification report has been approved by the NASPAA Certification Committee. The program welcomed the committee’s on-site visit from March 23 to 25, 2019.

The NASPAA Certification Committee sent three senior experts to form a site visit team. During the three-day visit, the site visit team held talks with more than 50 persons of the MPA Strategic Advisory Committee, leaders of major functional departments of the university, teachers, representatives of employers, students and alumni. The site visit team has a detailed understanding of the history and strategic planning of the MPA program. It inquired the principal leaders of MPA Center about the issues that they give concerns to, and inspected the organizational management and training mechanism of MPA program by evaluating the whole process of MPA education from enrollment to training and employment of the MPA students. Subsequently, the site visit team reviewed the student archives and visited the campus, classroom, library and other facilities, and had a friendly conversation with MPA students and alumni.

After a thorough investigation, on the morning of the 25th, the experts of the site visit team gave positive comments on the overall MPA program of our university, praised the internationalization of the MPA program, and made pertinent suggestions. The site visit team said that it would report the detailed investigation to the NASPAA International Certification Committee (COPRA). COPRA will review the certification of our MPA program in June this year, and then publish the certification results.

                             NASPAA  Site Visit Team Listened to the Introduction of MPA Program

                                   NASPAA Site Visit Team had a discussion with MPA Program’s Teachers

                                     NASPAA Site Visit Team had a discussion with  MPA Advisory Board

                                            NASPAA Site Visit Team visited Library

                                            NASPAA Site Visit Team with MPA Students

                                          NASPAA Site Visit Team and Dean Fan Libo


NASPAA (Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration) is an accreditation institution dedicated to the certification of Master's Degree of Public Policy, Public Administration and Public Affairs in the world. The MPA program which has been accredited by NASPAA is considered to have reached a certain high training level with international influence.

At present, only three universities in China: Tsinghua University, Renmin University and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, have passed NASPAA international certification. The University of International Business and Economics and Zhejiang University have simultaneously accepted the on-site inspection and evaluation by the NASPAA site visit team.