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The Third Session of International Cultural Administration Annual Meeting in 2015 by UIBE

Dear Colleagues in cultural management:
To promote the international communications among scholars in culture of universities, cultural entrepreneurs, cultural administrative managers and non-government cultural organization managers, UIBE is planning to hold the Third Session of International Cultural Administration Annual Meeting of 2015 after 2013’s first session and 2014’s second session, so as to build an international cooperation platform and to promote the development of cultural management subject and the cultural and creative industry.

ⅠConference topic
[Ⅰ] Center topic: Overseas investment for cultural companies and policy supports
[Ⅱ] Secondary topics:
1、International cultural policy and cultural strategies
2、International cultural planning
3、Cultural related laws and regulations and international cultural organization
4、International cultural trade and cultural industrial management
5、Art economy and art management
6、Public cultural service and management
7、Cultural economy and creation economy
8、Cultural economy and recreation economy
9、International cultural exchanges and cultural diplomacy
10、Culture and recreation non-government organization
11、International cultural company management
12、International cultural industry investment and financing management
13、Cultural economic geography and cultural industrial organization
14、Cultural heritage and tourism management
15、Cultural management education
16、Other cultural development related topics

Conference theses related to all the above topics are welcomed, and there will be experts selecting good ones which will be published in

ⅡTime and agenda
[Ⅰ] Date: July 11, 2015
[Ⅱ] Venue: Lecture Hall of UIBE
[Ⅲ] Agenda (initial arrangement)
Morning: 1、 Guests speeches and keynote speech
2、 Press conference for stage achievements of “cultural company overseas investment operation and policy support”
Afternoon: Speeches and discussions
[Ⅳ] Foreign scholar attendees
Deputy Professor Stephen Boyle, scholar of art and cultural administration, from University of South Australia;
Professor Julie Burros, Director of Boston Cultural and Art Committee of the U.S.;
Professor Alfred Hornung, famous cultural scholar of University of Mainz in Germany;
Professor Fevzi Okumus, from Hospitality College of University of Florida of centural America
Deputy Professor Jonathan Paquette, scholar of cultural creation in University of Ottawa, Canada;
Professor Lawrence Rothfield, scholar of cultural policy in University of Chicago, US;
Professor Margaret J. Wyszomirski, scholar of creative industry and cultural policy of Ohio State University, US;
Gary Swanson, former president of Universal Theme Park, part-time professor of the Hospitality College of University of Central Florida;
Professor David Paul Shaw of University of Liverpool, UK

Ⅲ Conference Notice
1、Registration time: afternoon of July 10, 2015
2、Registration Place: 1st floor Hall of Ning Yuan Building, UIBE
3、Fees: The organization committee will pay for the lunch and dinner, and attendees have to pay for accommodation and travels.
4、Conference Fee: 600 RMB per person for domestic attendees, 200 RMB per person for students, 150 dollars per person for foreign attendees and 60 dollars per person for foreign students.

Ⅳ Related issues
The deadline for sending conference theses is May 15. The committee will select representatives among the theses authors to make speech.
Email: gjwhglyj@163.com

Feng Shiliang, Tele: 13581799656, Email: fengshiliang1124@163.com
Wang Yue, Tele: 18810467668, Email:1592268929@qq.com
Wu Chengzhong, Tele: 18611765718, Email:wucz00@163.com

Thanks for all your supports, and we look forward to you!

Organization Committee of Third Session of International Cultural Management Annual Meeting of 2015;

Cultural and Recreation Industry Research Center of UIBE
School of Public Administration of UIBE

April 20, 2015